Rolling Rehab is currently closed but will be opening again on the 16th Jan 2019

Rolling Rehab is an organisation that is passionate about assisting people who have a disability to drive. We understand that being unable to drive in SA is like having a prison sentence, so our aim is to assist people to get back their independence through safe driving.  

Being able to drive safely depends on many factors, including the physical ability, perception of what is happening around them, the cognitive processing to be able to respond to what they have seen and make a quick decision and then react to it.  

We offer an independent consultancy service where we do a holistic assessment of the individual’s needs and abilities, and advise whether they are safe to start driving or to continue driving after an accident or illness.  We also make recommendations on what vehicles and adaptations are best suited to their needs.  

We believe that defensive driving is an essential skill for any driver who has reduced physical abilities and therefore we organise a number of defensive driving days throughout the year in partnership with an advanced driving academy.