We believe that anyone who drives without their full body function needs to be better drivers than everyone else on the road in order to keep themselves safe. Spending time on the skid pan and race track provides an opportunity to people to discover their limitations as a result of their disability. Under normal driving conditions, people drive easily within their capabilities so they never discover what they can and cannot do. Having to brake and turn hard on the skid pan and race track helps people discover their limitations and we will teach then ways of adapting their driving style accordingly. The aim is to prevent drivers from getting into an emergency situation on the road, but also to prepare them how to handle an emergency situation if it does happen.

Defensive Driver training packages can be offered in partnership with the VW Driving Academy at Kyalami or Mercedes Benz Dynamic Driving at the Zwartkops Raceway. This is a one day course which includes the theory of defensive driving as well as practical practice time on the skip pan. Participants are welcome to drive their own adapted vehicles, or they may choose to drive one of the Academy vehicles which are fitted with portable hand controls.