Drive & Thrive Expo 2013

Drive and Thrive LogoThe 9th March 2013 saw Rolling Rehab and Curamus present our first attempt at hosting the Drive and Thrive Expo which took place at the Swartkops Air Force base.  This was an interactive and dynamic expo where people with disabilities were able to see the various adaptations that are available in SA, meet other people with adapted vehicles and see what solutions they have worked out for themselves, they could test drive a variety of new cars, quad bikes, buggies, side by sides which had hand controls fitted, and just generally get inspired and motivated by the amazing people out there living with disabilities.

Comments and Feedback:

Candice from CE Mobility: “Well done on a great event”!

Etienne from EZ Drive: “Thank you for organizing such a wonderful and successful expo. The weather was great and the people had lots of fun and definitely learned a lot. My stand was really busy. I did not even have a chance to go check out some of the other stands though.

So when will the next expo be? I am sure it will be bigger next time. I knew of so many people that could not attend. Quite a pity, but they now know they have missed a lot.”

Jaqueline Rencontre from iDriveWYZE: “I was happy with the event and everything around it, I think from an outsider it drew quite a few people for the first event and those that did come had a great time. You should not just promote it to people with disabilities but to the able bodied people as you had some great shows going. “

Kat Swanepoel from CE Mobility: “It was awesome”.

Louis Nortjie from Easy Rider: “Thank you and your team for a well-organized Expo well done, you deserve a pat on the shoulder. I hope this will become an annual event.”

Mariki Eloff from Unisa: “A great day! Thanks a million, it was for sure hard work!”

Leigh from Shonaquip: “It was very interesting, and was wonderful to see all the other service providers with the products & services that they offer. It was also a wonderful networking opportunity.