Drive from wheelchair with Space Drive system

Adapted Renault Kangoo
Adapted Renault Kangoo

It is also fitted with the Space Drive system developed by Paravan.  This is a computerized system that allows the vehicle to be driven electronically through the use of a mini zero-effort steering and an electronic brake and accelerator.  All other secondary controls are activated by large buttons that are designed for minimal hand function.  The combination of allowing the individual to drive from their wheelchair, along with the electronic controls, enables people with minimal upper limb function to drive the vehicle.  It is a great solution for C5 quadriplegics and people suffering from muscular dystrophy and some cases of arthrogryposis.


Space Drive System
Space Drive System

Electronic brake and accelerator


Removable driver  seat allow driving from the car seat or wheelchair.
Removable driver
seat allow driving from the car seat or wheelchair.



The vehicle will be available for driver training in Gauteng and Durban based on the number of people needing training. Each candidate will require an assessment to evaluate whether their functional ability is compatible with the vehicle adaptations, whether their wheelchair fits in the vehicle and to and establish whether there is any medical reason why they should not drive.  They will also need to get a learners licence before they are able to start any driver training.

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