The make-up of a driver!

Understanding the driving assessment!


This puzzle can be used to explain to clients and family members the abstract concept of the skills and abilities that are needed to drive a car and help them understand on a concrete level that these are similar to the working parts of a car.

A car is made up of many parts that all need to work perfectly together in unison in order to allow the vehicle to work safely e.g. Engine with spark plugs, piston, carburetor, gearbox, radiator, battery, steering wheel, windows, and mirrors, etc.   In the same way, a driver requires many skills and abilities that all need to work together to enable them to drive safely.  Many of these are included as pieces in this puzzle.

The puzzle can be used to explain the purpose of the driving assessment and why these various aspects need to be evaluated, or it can help a client with limited insight understand that the car won’t be able to drive if it has lots of missing pieces, and if they can recognize the areas where they have difficulty, then these pieces can be removed from the puzzle and they must explain why the car won’t drive. It can also be used in a rehabilitation setting where clients need to identify their weaknesses in relation to driving and which aspects need to be worked on to get them ready to return to driving. 







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