We provide a consultancy service to people who live with a disability and who need advice on what vehicles and adaptations would be suited to their needs as drivers or passengers, as well as whether they are capable of driving after suffering a disease or disability which may have affected their ability to adequately control a vehicle.

Each assessment is customised according to the client’s needs. The following types of assessments are offered:

Once the client’s needs and abilities have been established, we refer them to a suitable driving school that will prepare them for the K53 test or will provide defensive driver training to help the individual learn to adapt their driving style in order to compensate for their disability.

We regularly run workshops for therapists and driving instructors who want to improve their knowledge about driving adaptations and the effects of disability on driving ability, as we believe that the more people who understand the needs of drivers with disabilities, the better.

We also try to present a couple of fun events each year to give people with disabilities the opportunity to get out there, to get dirty, have fun and to learn from each other.  These are normally advertised on our Rolling Rehab and Drive and Thrive Facebook pages.